Department of Architecture

Department of Interior Architecture

and Environmental Design


Cities present themselves to make cultures dwell in them, and to be reshaped by these cultures. City, which is one of the most comprehensive and concrete signs of culture, is in a mutual and uninterrupted dialog with architecture. This dialog flourishes from all ways of technological, economic, and political developments, and events of nature and environment. Architectural education authorities in a city have a direction giving impact on this dialog. 

Other than being a profession, whose product can be reduced to “space” with a pragmatic look, architecture is rather a way of thinking and a way of life. This necessitates continuous learning, knowledge refreshment, and personal discoveries. It can hardly be possible to educate students of architecture with such desired consciousness, through a stereotyped and purely passive university education. Nuh Naci Yazgan University, aims at establishing its Architecture Department within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, and gives priority to institutional and spatial connections of architecture with its naturally related discipline; “art”. This approach is important as it reflects the differences from the other existing or planned to be launched Architecture Departments in Kayseri.    


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